The Nawathmyr Saga: part I

There was a man, Aldrulf Styrkulfson, an earl over the Theod Ulfr,
Three and dozen winters he had reigned, wiser than he there was none.
His hand upon the hilt faster than first snow,
His fingers full deftly could send arrow to elk and to the hawk.

Spring has fallen on Ulfrings’ land,
Earth’s pines disrobed of white,
As the snake discards his hide on season-turn.
And all of Ulfring did merriment upon the coming of the sun
With much drinking of mead and ale,
Meat of game was also roasted.

But the good Ulfr people’s glee
Mired in dread was.
Krunthur Godscourge, the great monstrosity,
Whose dimensions were alike a mountain,
And whose teeth flaming venom dripped,
His green scales sturdier than steel,
His talons sharper than any blade,
Had made abode within the forest,
That lay outside the town.

A year had the villain sat
Amid the pines, his odour hanging,
Carried by the northern winds
Into the township, and upon it
Fly yet all kind of vermin-
A horde of fly and midge.
And with his breath he brought upon
The Ulfrings weakness and painful death.

And Aldrulf had slain a wolf
Upon the rede of Hildemyr,
A wise witch of Theod Ulfr.
Snakes of fume uncoiled forth
And scaled upon winds’ wings
The summit of Goddenstepbyerg.
Then Alderulf entreated the Gods
To know if his would be
The defeat of Krunthur in battle.

And Heyndarr the Hunter into the ear
Of Hildemyr had whispered:
“Ye shall not bear sword to monster
Until the red dawn, that rises from the south,
It shall deliver the cub of wolves.”

And Hildmyrra, wise in ways of nature,
Told Aldrulf these tiding and even said
That dawn from south never cometh.

About Elishai

Poet, teacher, artist, and in dire need of money most of the time.
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